Our Story


The Westerner Story began in 1967 

The Westerner first opened as a steak house.  After the first six months the building The Westerner is now in was built.  It was built in three phases over 1970, 71, and 72 to be the size it is today.  

In 1970 there originally was a diner in the very front of the building near Route 32. in 1971 the diner was phased out and from that point on the Westerner was a full retail store.  Originally the assortment of merchandise was influenced by the popular western culture of the day. Shows like Bonanza and Gunsmoke were all the rage and customers wanted to own a piece of that culture.  The Westerner continued with the same merchandise but as the demand for it declined over the years the third generation of family ownership decided it was time to begin to change the merchandise to something that more closely resembles the products you can find in the store today.  

in 2010 the store started to undergo a rehab which included the closed in front porch as it exists today.  The merchandise assortment continued to evolve to contain the personally selected merchandise that you can find today. 

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